The following groups hold activities at the Memorial Hall

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Autumn Sensory Storytelling Adventure Babies  

Join Alice from September 20th for 6 weeks of wonderful adventures deep into the forest, under the sea, the jungle and more!

Classes are open to babies from birth to 24 months.

This September we will return to our original set up with big sharing trays, our fab dark den with sensory lighting and more baby interaction!  

We will be bringing these brilliant books to life through interactive storytelling, sensory props and messy play!

Classes support language and communication development as well as stimulating all of the senses to build and strengthen brain connections.

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…Adventures Await!


The Draycott Art Club

There can be few people who are interested painting or learning to paint who haven’t heard of the Draycott Art Club. Every Thursday, between twenty and thirty enthusiastic artists meet in the Draycott Hall to enjoy drawing and painting together. Some are already well-established artists while others are there to improve their skills and accept new challenges. Complete beginners are also members and it is true to say, ‘they won’t be beginners long’. The club is fortunate to have a resident professional tutor who is willing to help with all the little problems that arrive when trying new materials and techniques.

Unlike other clubs, the club enjoys two sessions, morning, and afternoon. In the morning there will always be several still life subjects to work from along with introductory subjects along with brief demonstrations. In the afternoon several members enjoy life drawing while others continue with their work in progress. The club provides drawing boards and an excellent range of artist’s papers, along with lots of useful materials. Once a week through the Summer a group goes outside sketching and members are always keen to suggest new venues. If you have always wanted to have ago at art, why not drop in one Thursday and see what’s going on. Members secretary.. Email…


Every Sunday evening

At 8pm

Draycott Memorial Hall.

Kettlercise is designed for rapid fat loss and a lean toned body.

 It is an exercise to music class which utilises kettlebells, allowing participants to work on muscle strength endurance as well as giving them an effective cardiovascular workout.


  It is effective for fat burning as it uses the Blood Shunt method that is designed to reshape and sculpt your body, working every major muscle group to give a complete body workout. Kettlebells start from 2kg in weight: the level of training will be affected by the size of the kettlebell chosen. It destroys the myth that only large weights get results.

   Alternatives and adaptations are provided during the class to cater for beginners and advanced participants alike.


Please ensure that you are wearing appropriate footwear, i.e. trainers or running shoes.

Class duration 50 minutes.

Spaces are limited, for further information and to book online please go to -